• Our Story

    The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student chapter of CalGeo was founded by a group of students involved with the GeoWall competition associated with the Cal Poly Society of Civil Engineers.  The club was formed at the beginning of the Fall 2013 quarter and is Cal Poly's first club devoted to Geotechnical Engineering!

  • Our Industry

    Geotechnical Engineering is a rapidly growing subset of Civil Engineering concerned with Earth materials.  The practice is fundamental in a wide variety of projects including landfills, tunnels, and foundations, just to name a few.  Geotechnical engineers examine the earth material and determine the properties of any natural resources in the area. From there, "geotechs" determine how the earth will react to whatever project is intended for the given site.

  • Our Goal

    The goal of Cal Poly CalGeo is simple - to propagate and preserve the interest of Geotechnical Engineering among Cal Poly students, and to provide our members with academic and professional connections to ensure their success in the world of Geotechnical Engineering.